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Privacy and personal details

 deals with users’ personal details with the utmost scrupulousness of the law and with the greatest ethical rigour.
To purchase any offer, the Site user must be registered by filling in the online form: name, email and your chosen password (for which you are personally responsible). The user is exclusively responsible for any use of services on offer by the Site which have been accessed by the user’s email and pre-chosen password, and the user undertakes to indemnify Sicilying from whatever damages or claims deriving from its use or abuse. The user declares, as established by the law (196/2003), that all the information supplied by the user on registration is the complete and precise truth. Furthermore, the user expressly authorises Sicilying to add such details as the user compiled online to a database, given that they are necessary for efficiently concluding the purchase and for having access to the service/offer.
Unless required by law and excepting transmission of your personal details (name, email, nominee and phone number) to the appropriate Partner, these are not passed on to third parties without users’ express consent. It is the user’s right at any moment to request a fully updated list of any/all persons who may be in possession of such details.
On registration, the user’s computer will receive a cookie which obviates the need to insert the user’s email every time he connects to the Site. Cookies are stored on the computer’s hard disk.Sicilying would like to reassure the user that none of the cookie data will be otherwise used. Sicilying may use users’ non-reserved data on cookies (e.g. browser type, ISP).
Credit card details which are required for purchasing Partners’ offers are in no way stored by Sicilying but are exclusively managed by PayPal, the payment system used by Sicilying.
The proprietor of personal details is Sicilying snc based at Via Torino 61, 95128, Catania, Italy. In making use of manual, telephonic and ITC systems for dealing with personal details, the proprietor takes all the appropriate measures to guarantee security and confidentiality as indicated by the law (196/2003).
Sicilying uses users’ details for:

  • carrying out its obligations (emailing confirmation of purchase, emailing Partners users’ details to complete the purchase and so that users can be cited for fiscal reasons) which derive from the user/Partner contract of purchase and which are required for said contract to be concluded;
  • Replying to any queries about our services;
  • Circulating our newsletter (consent required);
  • Carrying out quality control (e.g. surveys) of Partners’ services (consent required).

Furthermore, Sicilying reserves the right to monitor its own Site’s traffic. To do this, Sicilying may collect, use and process data and information of various types (e.g. IP address, UDI code for mobile phone visitors, geographic location and other web-analytics data) which in any case will be totally anonymous, non-reserved and non-personal.
 invites registered user comments on Partner offers. These comments are visible to all Site users so the commentator’s name will be public. Sicilying reserves the right to not publish or remove comments should their language be offensive or contrary to the Site’s decorum. Sicilying may contact a user to express an opinion about the offer they used/experienced.
Every registered user has the right to access his own data as well as all the rights outlined in Article 7 of the law (196/2003) reported below.
For any other information regarding privacy send your enquiries to [email protected] with ‘privacy’ as the subject.

Users’ rights: right of access to personal details and other rights

Article 7 of the law (196/2003).

  • The party concerned has the right to know if their personal details are being or are going to be held and this must be communicated in plain language.
  • The party concerned has the right to know:
  • the origin of their personal details;
  • the purpose and means of processing;
  • the reasoning behind any ICT data processing;
  • the identity of whoever holds this data as per Article 5, subsection 2;
  • who or what category of persons might receive this data including any officers of government.
  • The party concerned has the right to:
  • personal detail updates or supplements;
  • annulment, anonymization or stoppage of data being used illegally, including any data being used for purposes other than those for which they were collected;
  • written confirmation that a) and/or b) have been carried out even regarding their content, who may have received the data, except when to do so would require disproportionate means compared to the defence of the right.
  • The party concerned has the right to object, in part or wholly:
  • For legitimate reasons to the use of their data even though still pertinent to the aim of their procurement;
  • To the use of their data for advertising or direct selling or cold calling or market research.

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